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Pinehurst offers the largest golf and tennis resort in the country and was host to the United States Professional Golfers Association 1999 and 2005 US Open. While best known for world class golfing Pinehurst also offPinehurst North Carolina Real Estate and NC New Home Searchers truly remarkable tennis facilities. From 1994-96 the Pinehurst Resort was the site of the U.S. Clay Court Championships, an era that drew Patrick Rafter, David Wheaton, Todd Martin, Mats Wilander and the Woodies, among others. Relatively new improvements include a new tennis clubhouse, built to match in the same white clapboard exterior as the historic hotel. The resort has been successful in attracting many tennis events, including the National Men's 70 and 85 Championships and is frequented by USTA league players competing in various North Carolina tennis championships. 

The 6 hard and 18 conscientiously maintained HAR-TRU courts are a five-minute walk from the historic hotel and so is the historic village of Pinehurst with its shops and restaurants. There's also a swimming pool at the hotel, croquet courts adjacent to the main golf clubhouse, an equestrian center and even a lake with a beach and marina. 

In addition,  the resort offers an unsupervised fitness center, with a thoughtful collection of Cybex workout equipment as well as an array of Stairmasters, stationary cycles and treadmills.  In addition, the resort also has made arrangements for guests to use the more extensive fitness center and indoor lap pool at the FirstHealth Center located about three minutes away.

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Pinehurst Resort & Country Club

The Tennis Club at North Carolina's Pinehurst resort displays the luxury and hospitality for which Pinehurst is recognized around the world. With eighteen meticulously groomed soft courts and six hard courts; Pinehurst is a tennis players dream with a full-service Pro Shop providing an exciting "home away from home" atmosphere for tennis guests and featuring the latest in fashion and equipment, along with a service-oriented USPTA certified staff, the club is prepared to exceed your tennis needs.  Lessons for all levels, court time, matching, ball service and rental equipment is readily available.  Pinehurst is a private resort and is open to the public.

Location: 1 Carolina Vista Drive, Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina 28374       
Telephone: 910-295-6811 | Toll-free: 800-487-4653 | Fax: 910-295-8508 | Visit web site  
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The National Golf Club

An "Official USTA Tennis Welcome Center" The Swim and Tennis Center at National boasts five championship Har-Tru surfaced courts, all of which are designed for championship play and a tournament court, is the focal point of a Grand Stadium. The Center offers a Pro Shop, locker rooms, and spacious lounge. Though a private resort open, National is open to the public and Tennis Affiliate Memberships are available.

Location, One Royal Troon Drive, Village of Pinehurst, NC 28374
Telephone:910-295-5178 | 910-2954300 | Visit web site   
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What is HAR-TRU?  The most popular "Fast-Dry" type surface in the United States and a standard in the clay court industry. HAR-TRU is made from billion year old Pre-Cambrian metabasalt found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. This rock is crushed, screened, and mixed in the precise proportions necessary to produce a stable surface. HAR-TRU can be used for both new court construction or for top dressing. A layer of these finely crushed, green rock particles is installed over a porous base of crushed, stone aggregate to produce a finished surface.

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What are the benefits of playing on a HAR-TRU surfaced tennis court? HAR-TRU courts are player freindly - A study on the physical injuries resulting from tennis play was conducted by the University of Calgary, Canada. It was found that one out of every two tennis players was likely to suffer a tennis injury during one 6 month season of playing. This study clearly connects tennis injuries of the lower extremities, back and groin, with two factors: the court surface and the shoe. Surfaces that allow sliding resulted in approximately 75% fewer injuries than surfaces which did not.  HAR-TRU courts are easier on the body than other types of courts - They are more advantageous for the back, legs, and ankles than asphalt, acrylic, or even grass. HAR-TRU is flexible, allowing a player to slide and recover under control, instead of having to slam down onto the court, absorbing the shock in every joint in the body. Doctors praise the flexibility of HAR-TRU, reporting that it reduces the risk of injury. Cooler surface temperature - Compared to other dark colored surfaces that absorb and retain the sun's heat, HAR-TRU retains its moisture and breathes, keeping the surface an average of 20% cooler than hard courts, even during the sweltering days of summer. This means a cooler and more enjoyable game. Slower ball speed for a more enjoyable game - The ball bounce on a HAR-TRU court is uniform and has a consistently slower bounce than other surfaces. This attribute allows longer rallies, a greater variety of strokes and a more controlled game for players. In short, every move by the player is made more effective but less strenuous. Even the lines are easier to call since ball marks are visible to players. This also creates exciting matches for players. Players develop a better, more well rounded game - The USTA Executive Committee recently reviewed a report discussing the disappearance of U.S. Tennis Superstars. One of the reasons cited for this was the lack of early training and competition on clay courts in the U.S. An analysis of the world's top tennis players showed that most had extensive clay court development backgrounds. Clay court play develops toughness, stamina, patience and strategy that hard court play does not. Surface dries quickly after rain - Unlike hard court surfaces, players can be on a HAR-TRU court in a matter of minutes after a rain shower. Because of the way a HAR-TRU court is structured, water is absorbed through the surfacing and into the base like a blotter. The slope of the court then allows excess water to run off, leaving the court moist and ready for play. Environmentally safe surface - HAR-TRU is made up of natural, crushed, green stone, leaving no chemicals or toxic waste of which to dispose. The surface also solves run-off control problems, since it absorbs water as effectively as the original sod it replaced. Easier on eyes, clothing, and equipment - Because of its non-glare surface, HAR-TRU makes it easier to follow the ball. The natural, green surface does not stain or discolor your clothing and will reduce the wear and tear on your tennis racket, balls, and shoes. This can add up to considerable savings.

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