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Q. Though a well-known golf resort, will Pinehurst be affordable for my frequent play?

 A. Yes!... Even though Pinehurst is considered to be a premier luxury golf resort... and in fact the September 2000 issue of Golf Digest rated Pinehurst as one of the three best golf locations in the world of the "50 Greatest Golf Destinations."  Just because we have a great tradition for golf doesn't mean we also have unreasonable prices.  Actually most of the courses here have comparatively low initiation and transfer fees.  Also, most courses have a variety of options on their monthly fees, based on how frequently you plan to play.  And even if you do not want to join a specific club, there are many golf packages that make playing golf very affordable.  

Q. In a resort community, won't real estate prices be really high?

A. Actually, most people coming here for the first time are astonished at just how affordable the housing is.  They simply can't believe they can purchase a great home at a much lower price than they would expect to pay in their own hometown, especially in a resort community like Pinehurst and the surrounding areas!

Q. What about real estate taxes?

A. We think you'll be quite surprised if you're considering moving to the Pinehurst area.  Our real estate taxes (.56 per thousand of appraised value in the county) are so low compared to other areas of the country that many times they are less than half the amount people are currently paying!

Q. Does the area have good healthcare?

A. The healthcare is exceptional! In the year 2000, the 400-bed FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital was recognized as a "TOP 100" Hospital for its cardiovascular, orthopedic and stroke care - one of only seven hospitals in the United States and the only one in North Carolina to be so honored.  The hospital also offers a broad range of behavioral services, including inpatient and outpatient care; women's and children's services, including a state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care unit; and comprehensive surgical, internal medicine, emergency and rehabilitative care.  A recently opened $60 million Comprehensive Cancer Center that consolidated all the hospitals cancer care in one convenient location has enabled FirstHealth to lead the fight against cancer in the mid-Carolinas.   The Health and Fitness Center is also an important amenity to the community, not to mention, a popular gathering place that combines fitness and fun.  Please feel free to visit the website for First Health of the Carolinas.

Q. How’s the weather?

A. Many people move to the Sandhills NC area for the mild year-round temperate climate and although there are four distinct and enjoyable seasons, the weather is mild enough, even in the winter months, to play golf or be outdoors. Pinehurst was originally founded as a health resort because of the mild climate and low humidity.

Q.  If I don't play golf, what else is there to do?

A. In addition to golfing facilities, there are over 100 tennis courts in Moore County with frequent tournaments that are fun for participants and spectators.  This area is also a draw for horse people who bring their horses here for winter training and give us the opportunity for many equestrian events that run the gamut from dressage to Steeplechases.  There's an active cycling community with official races, the Horticultural Gardens at Sandhills Community College to explore, and over 100 civic clubs and community groups that welcome your participation.  In addition to such well-known groups as Newcomers Club, there are bridge clubs, quilting clubs, dance clubs, garden clubs, arts groups, historical societies, and many others to cover almost any activity. 

Q. What about shopping and area restaurants?

A. There are numerous wonderful shopping opportunities throughout the county.  Many of our small specialty shops have wonderful selections of local crafts and pottery that this area is famous for.  There’s also a great selection of women's and men's stores that feature wonderful clothes for any budget-and of course that includes extensive selections of golf apparel.  If you really want to shop till you drop, it's an easy 1.5 hours to the major metropolitan areas of Raleigh and Greensboro.  As for restaurants, we have a number of truly outstanding establishments that offer tremendous variety, firs class service and fabulous food.  From classic French cuisine to down home Southern cooking, you won't be disappointed in your dining choices in Moore County

Q. How are the educational facilities?

A. With more and younger families migrating into the area, the school system is an important consideration.  Moore County offers well regarded public and private schools, as well as Sandhills Community College, one of our area's finest assets.  The Community College offers extensive continuing education opportunities for people of all ages on subjects from computers to gardening.  If you would like to learn more about our schools please visit our school information page which has links to area websites.

Q. There are other communities very close to Pinehurst... Should we consider those areas as well?

A. There are several other communities in Moore County that could very well be great choices for many potential homeowners, depending on what you're looking for. Southern Pines is the community closest to Pinehurst.  And many newcomers find it difficult to tell where one town ends and the other one starts.  While the Village of Pinehurst surprises and delights with its unexpected charm of a small New England town in a Southern setting, the village of Southern Pines is a vibrant center for shops and businesses with vintage Southern feel.  In Southern Pines, you'll find a variety of housing choices, from the breathtakingly beautiful farms of Horse Country to pleasant family subdivisions. The growing area of Seven Lakes has also attracted many new residents in the past few years.  Next to Pinehurst, this is the fastest growing community in Moore County.  If you're a "water person", this is certainly an area you'll want to consider.  Seven Lakes consists of three separate gated neighborhoods, two golf courses and many beautiful spring-fed lakes.  The largest of the lakes, Lake Auman, is 1100 acres of pristine water and pure fun for boating, fishing and swimming!

Whispering Pines offers many beautiful lakes and several golf courses.  The Whispering Pines Country Club has just gone through a complete renovation, much to the delight and enjoyment of it's members!  Although primarily a retirement area, new and younger subdivisions are springing up on the perimeters of this established Moore County community.

In summary there are a number of wonderful communities available and depending on your interests and life style you will surely find your slice of heaven in the Pinehurst North Carolina area.

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